About Us

About Us

All Around Gymnastics is a family owned and operated business. All Around Gymnastics is owned and operated by Lindi Polk and her husband Kip Polk, who together, plan and produce the many programs that make up All Around Gymnastics. Collectively, the owner, operators and their advisors have over 30 years experience in the gymnastics industry. We have developed an exciting and inviting place for children of all ages and abilities to experience gymnastics in a nurturing and caring environment. Students are exposed to a variety of experiences that develop physical fitness, risk taking skills and self-awareness. These experiences are building blocks for future athletic, academic and personal growth. We strive everyday to create a professional, fun and safe environment for children to learn and experience the joy of physical activity.


All Around Gymnastics strives:

  • To instill a positive sense of self esteem by teaching children to have fun and to feel successful about their gymnastics participation.
  • To use gymnastics as a positive learning experience to teach discipline, determination, time management and respect for others.
  • To help each child realize that their persistent efforts are a building block to achieving their next goal.
  • To use gymnastics as an educational program to improve strength, grace and co-ordination.
  • To see that every child receives the same quality instruction regardless of their ability and are made to feel as special as they truly are.
  • To utilize the benefits of gymnastics to help your child become successful in other sports

All Around Gymnastics Staff

We take pride in offering friendly and courteous service. Our instructors are caring professionals trained to encourage children to have fun while participating in a challenging program. Our personal commitment to helping children gain knowledge and reach goals will ensure your child’s enjoyment in class. Our classes are educationally based and designed to inspire all types of learners. We believe the personal and physical skills developed in gymnastics are building blocks for a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Looking for a fun place to work with a supportive and wholesome environment. We offer part time hours to suit your schedule. If you enjoy coaching and working with children, click here for an employment application at All Around Gymnastics!

Lindi Polk - Owner & Compulsory Team Coach

DK Bapst - Compulsory Team Coach

Angie Feagles - Recreational & Xcel Team Coach

Becka Long - Excel & Optional Team Coach

Kiplin Polk - Complusory Team Coach

Gracie Prologo - Recreational & Gym Star Team Coach

Carly Warren - Compulsory Team Coach

Caroline Daniels - Recreational & Gym Star Team Coach

Tim Feagles - Optional Team Coach

Dawn McFadden - Recreational & Xcel Team Coach

Shaye Polk - Camp Director

Sho Stevens - Optional Team Coach

Bri Wilson - Compulsory Team Coach

“A Spirit of Excellence in a Caring Environment”

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